Presenting Margaret Nichol Vaulx

Ross Edward Hudgins

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee on August 2, 1950 to Charles and Claudia Jones Hudgins.  At that time, my family was living at the Separation Center located between Radnor Yard and Franklin Pike. Those early years were spent within easy eyesight of Mount Alban (known at that time as Breece Hill.) My family moved to East Nashville in the early 1950s and subsequently to Williamson County, TN in 1958. There at Old New Hope School while in the second grade, I met Miss Marsha D. Hughes. We were close friends throughout our school years. We dated after graduation and married in 1970. The marriage produced five wonderful children and four beautiful grand-children. Except for a six-year military service and several years out of the area with the Tennessee Valley Authority, Fairview has been my family home since 1973.

 As a young boy while working for my grandfather, I happened across a crate of old books containing the precious journals of Civil War belle Margaret Vaulx.

Immediately fascinated by and somehow recognizing the greater importance of the journals, I traded my day’s wages in exchange for the books, thus saving them for historians and civil war enthusiasts of generations yet to come.

 I have considered it an honor to be able to present this historical biography to my generation of readers. It has been a work thought upon for over 35 years. 


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